The most important thing for us at Happy Porto is that you not only have the best time imaginable, but also get to experience the city in perhaps a way others would not be able to. That's why we've collaborated with some of the city's most reliable and fun loving tour groups, so that you can see the sights and experiences, some of which are hidden away, to bring Porto to life for you! Below is an ever growing list of some of the events, activities, and tours that we have scoured the city to find so that you don't miss out on anything!

Free walking tour - come see the sights of Porto with free walking tour.

City graffiti tour - explore some of Porto's great street art by following its old paths and neighbourhoods.

Wine tour - experience and taste some of the best wine Europe has to offer.

Free snorkelling experience - snorkel with a diverse selection of wildlife for free in a natural pool located in the city.

Love lock walk - leave a permanent mark on the city by locking a padlock with the name of someone you love on it.

The Escape Challenge - test your wits and escape this locked room by solving puzzles and clues while the clock is ticking.

Watersport classes - from surfing to water skiing, these classes are a great way to spend a day at the beach.

Boat tours - take a relaxing tour down the River Douro with a boat cruise.

Porto De-tour - explore the hidden spots of Porto with this off the map tour.

Museum tour - Porto is home to some of Europe's most beautiful museums, don't miss out during your trip.

Beach day - join in a fun filled day out to the beach, with sand sea and surf!!

Bar crawls - follow the staff as they lead you around the best night life Porto has to offer.

Communal meals - a free dinner is great, getting to enjoy it with all the hostel guests over a few drinks is even better!

Extreme sport tours - Kayaking, white water rafting, canyoning and much more are available on these day trips for the adventure seekers among you.

Games night - enjoy a night in the hostel bar playing your favourite board & drinking games.